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Our "One-on-One" Private Lessons Program

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You and your dog will be learning together in our one on one program. Through obedience, you will learn to better communicate with your dog. Our wide variety of one on one programs cover everything from basic in-home or public obedience to behavior modification, depending on the needs of you and your dog. Training is a great way to help build a dogs confidence and strengthen your bond with your dog. Our programs go up level by level so you can keep moving forward with your dog and reaching the next training goal. These programs set you and your dog up for success, and a lifetime of better communication and obedience.

Our "Board & Train" Program

Our board and train program is a four week program that will lay the foundation of training while also helping to fix any unwanted behavior your dog may be exhibiting. Your dog will have daily interactions with their trainers as well as other staff at the facility for extra enrichment and confidence building. Our facility is staffed 24/7 so your dog will never be alone. Once the board and train is over, we will bring you in to show you everything that your dog has learned and show you all the cool new things your dog can do. The board and train program includes follow up sessions, lifetime maintenance training, and group classes all included in the program. Everything that was used in the program, such as a place bed, will come home with your pup at the end of the program.

Private Lesson Dog Training In Tucson

Our "Reactive Dog" Program


Having a dog that is reactive to other dogs, people or the environment is one of the hardest things owners have to deal with. Reactivity in dogs is one of the number one things that we help with. It may feel like you are on an island, but there are many people dealing with the same issues. Through obedience and behavior modification we can show the outside world the sweet and loving dog that you see every day at home. This program will help you and your dog better communicate, strengthen your bond, build confidence for you and your dog and show you how to properly handle your dog when your dog is reacting.

Our "Puppy Head Start" Program

We have many program options for puppies! First, we have group classes where are you and your puppy can learn all the basic puppy skills around other people and their dogs. Second, we have our one on one puppy Head start program where are you and your puppy will go at your speed and all the focus will be on you and your dog. After you have completed your one on one program, we will then put you into a Puppy group class included in the price. Lastly, we have the puppy Head start Hybrid program. This program is one of our favorite programs. Your puppy will stay with us for three days and then go home with you for four days for five consecutive weeks. When you pick your puppy up after day three, we will give you a mini lesson on what your puppy has learned that week with us and the homework that you need to do before they come back! Your puppy will get a lot of one on one time with their trainer and other staff at the facility as well as learning to be neutral around other dogs and building confidence on things like our agility equipment. This program also includes group puppy classes at the end of your program included in the price.

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Group Dog Training Classes

Group Dog Training Class Mesa Arizona

Our group classes are a great way for you and your dog to not only learn new skills but also work on those skills around other people and their dogs. Group classes are a wonderful “bonding though training” opportunity that also helps improve communication between you and your dog. We offer a wide variety of group classes from Puppy Head Start to Agility. Our classes are structured to move up level by level as you and your dog learn and grow together. We want to be with you for a lifetime of training with you and your dog.

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